Black Friday is over!

If you feel exhausted today, after the Black Friday war and the turkey overdose, you should catch your breath, relax and read this post about the origin of  the word “Friday”.

“Friday” is an Old Germanic word and it was the day dedicated to the Goddess of  love and beauty. It was inspired by the Romans who celebrated this day in honor of Venus (dies Veneris = the day of Venus) and it is very similar for all Latin based languages ( in Italian is “Venerdi”, in French “Vendredi”, Spanish “Viernes” but the funniest is Portoguese “Sex”..).

So, enjoy your new electronic gadgets and don’t worry..Cyber Monday is coming.

Thank you for reading everybody.




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2 responses to “Black Friday is over!

  1. Anonymous

    Pier you ROCK …You are an encyclopedia.

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